Apex was my Ad 2 final and it was the center of my universe for two caffine filled weeks. This was a huge moment in my college education, and one of the biggest undertakings I have done to date. First off this project accounts for 40% of the total grade for the class, and its a group project. Secondly this is the first time at the university you are given a real life project to work on for a big client, usualy a non-profit. Finally you meet this client two weeks before you have to give a large presentation showcasing your solution to their branding. Our client was Apex, a group that was trying to end smoking on state college campuses and in public housing by supporting policy change from the ground up. I was working in a team of three and was chosen as design lead. In addition to making all their branding we also had to think out the strategy of how they were going to accomplish getting smoking banned where they wanted to.

To open the full presentation given to Apex click the image below.

My logo was the one chosen, this landed me the job of design lead. Lucky me. My reasoning was an Apex is a point, but instead of doing the obvious thing (like having a mountain for a logo) I chose to think of it as a single point like you would in mathmatics. This led me to the round dot. The blue chosen was to evoke trust and the green chosen to bring healing and restoration to mind.

These pages were my idea on how to get the project off the ground. They are the cornerstone to the starter kits you can see below. These pages tell the person who was given a starter kit what processes they need to start to get to the end goal of a smoke free enviroment. The pages differ depending if someone in public housing was recieving it or if a college student was.

The Starter kits are sent out to anyone who has interest in having Apex help them stop smoking at their school or apartment. It has all the information needed to get them on track. I am pround this system to start policy change was my idea.