I'm Driven

Hi, I'm Clayton Tevebaugh! After graduating from the Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology with my AAS in Graphic Design I moved from Oklahoma to the Pacific Northwest. The PNW with her charming ways has instilled in me a love of good coffee, beer, and nature. Since moving I have been working as a freelance graphic designer. In addition to working I have proudly tied the knot with my lovely wife Stephanie and as of August 2014 been blessed with a wonderful baby boy Nathan.

For the past year I have been building my chops as a web designer and developer. I find the world of having to constantly learn or be left beind engaging and exciting. The web forces me to work hard every day to improve myself. I am currently seeking a position as a junior front end developer to help push my skills further than I could ever push them on my own.

What I Know

Graphic Design

While most of the classes in Graphic Design focused on designing for print almost all of the classes focuses heavily on marketing. I was taught how to appeal to consumers and build trust in the almighty brand. To keep a full time schedule I wound up taking a lot of elective classes as well. This left me with a laundry list of areas of study. In a nutshell I would say my three years earning my associate degree gave me these skills:

  • Branding / Identity
  • Marketing / Advertising
  • Typographic Design
  • 3d Modeling
  • Video Editing

Frontend Web Development

It has been a busy year for me learning to code. The journey started with the desire to make myself more marketable as a designer, for every person that needed a logo about 80% wanted a website (and 100% needed one). So I made the decision to sit down and learn to code, to be a better designer, but then something happened. I found out programing is awesome. Finally my technically inclined brain that always wants to make stuff work and my creative brain that wants to make the same stuff speak got together and had somewhere to spend their energy. I am still very new to tech but I spend every single day learning something to improve my skills. I am filled with excitement for all I still get to learn. There is a world being built and I want to play a part in its creation. My current training:

  • Treehouse: Frontend Developer Track | Completed
  • Code Oregon 1.0 | Completed
  • Elequent JavaScript - Marijn Haverbeke | Read
  • Codecademy Pro/ Fullstack Track | Current Course

Software and Languages

I have dabbled in a little of everything but here is where I'm most proficent.