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Jester Educational Theater

Educating students one laugh at a time.

Nonprofit Jester Educational Theater performs original musicals for grade school audiences with a special focus on high-needs, high-poverty schools.

Our shows present math and social studies through the sparkle of musical theater. Not only do students learn important academic content, they are also exposed to musical theater with live musical accompaniment. For many of the thousands of kids we reach each year, our shows will be their first experience with the magic of musical theater, and for some, the only.

Alice in Mathland

Book, music and lyrics by Kevin Muir.
Musical arrangements by David Hastings.

Thirty minutes of musical math comedy. Alice unexpectedly journeys through Mathland where numbers don’t quite add up in the usual way.

What is the moral opposite of 3? Is ‘ice cream’ is ever the answer to a math problem? Will the Prince of Square’s secret keep Alice trapped in Mathland forever?

Join Alice as she confronts these and other numerical conundrums in Alice in Mathland.

The Revolutionary Revue

Book, music and lyrics by Kevin Muir
Musical arrangements by David Hastings.

One hour of music, comedy and dance tracing events leading to the founding of our nation.

Uncle Sam guides us through fast-paced vignettes including Squanto, Columbus, The Salem Witch Trials, the Boston Tea Party and the early battles leading to the Declaration of Independence.

“We unleash the Spirit of the Jester to educate and delight kids who need it most.”

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